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Notes on Life and Works Little is known of this soldier-poet of the First World War. At least three of his poems were originally published in The Stars and Stripes, an eight-page weekly brought out in France by the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) of the United States Army from February 8, 1918, to June 13, 1919. These three poems were also selected for an anthology that came out in book form in 1919: "If I were a Cootie," "The R.T.O," and ""I Love Corned Beef." Bowen signed himself a sergeant radio telephone operator (that is, he went into battle with his company's radio on his back). Biographical information Given name: A. P. Family name: Bowen Floruit: 1918-1919 Nationality: American First RPO edition: 2004

i love corned beef
I LOVE corned beef -- I never knew
How good the stuff COULD taste... [read poem]
mane nobiscum domine
Stay with us, Lord, the day is travelled far;
we meet thee at its close.
Lord, at our humb... [read poem]
the flying fish
Magnae Deus potentiae
qui fertili natos aqua
partim relinquis gurgiti
partim levas in... [read poem]
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