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Alice Mary Buckton
Although not a South African, but rather educated at Haslemere, Alice Mary Buckton's The Burden of Engela (1904) well described the life of a Boer woman on a Transvaal farm during the Anglo-Boer War. (Thanks to André le Roux, Reference section, National Library of South Africa, Cape Town, for assistance.) Adey, David. Companion to South African English literature. Johannesburg, South Africa: Ad. Donker, 1986. PR 9350 .2 C66 1986 Buckton, Alice Mary. The burden of Engela, a ballad-epic (London: Methuen, 1904). LE B9265b Robarts Library --. Eager Heart; a Christmas mystery-play (New York: Chappell, 1910?). PR 6003 .U168E2 Robarts Library --. Through human eyes, poems, with an introductory poem by Robert Bridges (London: E. Matthews, 1901). PR 4265 .B7T5 Robarts Library Biographical information Given name: Alice Mary Family name: Buckton Birth date: 1867 Death date: 1944

my little wet home in the trench
I’ve a little wet home in the trench,
Which the rain-storms continually drench;
... [read poem]
the sniper
I’ve seen the champions of the land,
Shootin’ out at Bisley,
The Canadian back... [read poem]
me brother wot stayed at 'ome
I’m pullin’ orf me colours
And slingin’ me Webb away.
I’m goin’ back to ... [read poem]
They brought him in at midnight,
Across the saddle-bow --
Geert of the ripe and chestn... [read poem]
the backsheesh sergeant
’E’s a sneakin’ smoogin’ blighter, an’ ’e’ll never make a fighter,
Unless... [read poem]
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