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Clara G. Dolliver
Clara G. Dolliver, a San Franciscan, published poems and short stories in journals such as St. Nicholas Magazine and Oliver Optic's Magazine. She was especially well-known for the poem "No Baby in the House" (see Nancy J. Peters and Lawrence Ferlingetti, Literary San Francisco [San Francisco: Harper and Row, 1980]: 46-48). The San Francisco Call newspaper records her marriage to Samuel W. Burtchaell in 1891. Biographical information Given name: Clara G. Family name: Dolliver Floruit: 1874-1891 Nationality: American

no baby in the house
No baby in the house I know --
'Tis far too nice and clean;
No toys by careless finger... [read poem]
monet refuses the operation
Doctor, you say that there are no haloes
around the streetlights in Paris
and what I see i... [read poem]
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