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    for Bess and Molly

My brother Charles
brought home the news
the kids were saying
take a flying leap
and eat me raw
and be bop a lula.

Forty miles he rode
the bus there and back.
The dog and I met him
at the door, panting
for hoke poke, hoke
de waddy waddy hoke poke.

In Cu Chi, Vietnam,
I heard tapes somebody's
sister sent of wild thing,
I think I love you
and hey now, what's that
sound, everybody look what's ...

Now it's my daughters
bringing home no-duh,
rock out, whatever,
like I totally
paused, and like
I'm like ...

I'm like Mother, her hands
in biscuit dough,
her ears turning red
from ain't nothing butta,
blue monday, and
tutti frutti, aw rooty!