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Digby Augustus Stewart Mackworth Dolben
Digby Augustus Stewart Mackworth Dolben (8 February 1848 - 28 June 1867) was an English poet who died young in an accident. He owes his poetic reputation to Robert Bridges, who edited a partial edition Poems of his verse, in 1911. He was born in Guernsey, and brought up at Finedon Hall in Northamptonshire. He was educated at Eton College, studying under the influential Master William Johnson Cory whose principles of pederastic pedagogy and collection of verses Ionica inspired his own poetry.(Kaylor, 2006) At Eton, his cousin Bridges was his senior and took him under his wing. Dolben caused considerable scandal at school by his exhibitionistic behaviour. He marked his romantic attachment to another pupil a year older than him, Martin Le Marchant Gosselin, by writing love poetry. He also defied his strict Protestant upbringing by joining a High Church Puseyite group of pupils. He then claimed allegiance to the Order of St. Benedict, affecting a monk's habit. He was considering a conversion to Roman Catholicism.

farmer's daughter
I spent the longest time
trying to find you,
the vague woman in a house
roaring with ... [read poem]
a child's alone
In the photographs the reporters took
the others have closed their eyes;
only hers are ope... [read poem]
double take
It happened
walking along Bloor Street.

The rain
had scattered its reflections... [read poem]
We pass the turnstile
into your country.
The computer spits you out --
You're no long... [read poem]
a song of the bar
She is only an innkeeper's daughter --
I know it, I own it with tears,
And her eyes are... [read poem]
euclid street
She stands on the porch, late.
The same light she saw as a child
pins the mountain ash... [read poem]
the witness
I have to admit it's a strange feeling
to blow your wife away,
he said and kind of smiled.... [read poem]
The way, in a rainstorm, the sky
descends in sudden violence,
flooding the sluices of the ... [read poem]
She walked into our lives like she invented us.
Sniffed us out for the dream she needed.
W... [read poem]
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