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Dominic Francis Moraes (19 July 1938 - 2 June 2004), popularly known as Dom Moraes was an Indian writer, poet and columnist. He published nearly 30 books. Dom Moraes was born in Bombay (now Mumbai) to Beryl and Frank Moraes, former editor of the Times of India. He went to school at St. Mary's High School(ISC), Mazagoan, Bombay. Moraes spent eight years in Britain, living in London and Oxford (where he studied at the university and was a member of Jesus College), but spent most of his life in Mumbai, a city he detested. He edited magazines in London, Hong Kong and New York. He became the editor of The Asia Magazine in 1971. He scripted and partially directed over 20 television documentaries for the BBC and ITV. He was a war correspondent in Algeria, Israel and Vietnam. In 1976 he joined the United Nations. Moraes conducted one of the first interviews of the Dalai Lama after the Tibetan spiritual leader fled to India in 1959. The Dalai Lama was then 23 and Moraes was 20.He ended his writing career writing books in collaboration with Sarayu Srivatsa. He had a life long battle with alcoholism. He met Sarayu Srivatsa in 1990 and she was able to, to a large degree, curtail his drinking. She was his muse and he, her mentor. They wrote books together as well as worked on film scripts. She looked after him for 15 years until his death. Moraes suffered from cancer but refused to take treatment. He eventually died of heart-attack in Bandra, Mumbai. Sarayu Srivatsa buried him in the Sewri Cemetery in Mumbai and as per Dom's last wishes buried the soil from his grave in Odcombe, Somerset, on his birthday 19 July 2002. Many of Dom's old friends and publishers attended the memorial service in the quaint old church in Odcombe. A head stone in yellow Jaisalmer stone lies embedded in the front lawn of the church to mark the service.

Smear out the last star.
No lights from the islands
Or hills. In the great square
The... [read poem]
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