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Duncan Campbell Scott
Duncan Campbell Scott (August 2, 1862-December 19, 1947) was a Canadian poet and prose writer. Charles G.D. Roberts, Bliss Carman, Archibald Lampman and Scott are known as the "Confederation poets". Scott was also deputy superintendent of the Department of Indian Affairs, a position he held from 1913 to 1932. Scott was born in Ottawa, Ontario. Early in life, he became an accomplished pianist. In 1883, he met Archibald Lampman who introduced him to poetry and prose writing. His best work was inspired by the Canadian wilderness and the native people of North America. In 1894, he married Belle Botsford, a concert pianist, who he had met at a recital in Ottawa. After Lampman died in 1899, Scott helped publish a number of editions of Lampman's poetry. He became a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 1899 and served as its president from 1921 to 1922. He was awarded the Lorne Pierce Medal in 1927 for his contributions to Canadian literature. His wife died in 1929 and, two years later, he married another poet, Elsie Aylen. He retired from the Canadian Civil Service in 1932. He died in December 1947 in Ottawa at the age of 85 and is buried in Beechwood Cemetery.

the sting of death
`Is Sin, then, fair?'
Nay, love, come now,
Put back the hair
From his sunny b... [read poem]
Some men are born to gather women's tears,
To give a harbour to their timorous fears,
To t... [read poem]
You tell me that silence
is nearer to peace than poems
but if for my gift
I brought y... [read poem]
joan of arc
Now the flames they followed Joan of Arc
as she came riding through the dark;
no moon to k... [read poem]
the unnamed lake
It sleeps among the thousand hills
Where no man ever trod,
And only nature's music fil... [read poem]
the music crept by us
I would like to remind
the management
that the drinks are watered
and the hat-check g... [read poem]
at the cedars
You had two girls -- Baptiste --
One is Virginie --
Hold hard -- Baptiste!
Listen to ... [read poem]
the feud
I hear a cry from the Sansard cave,
O mother, will no one hearken?
A cry of the lost, ... [read poem]
take this waltz
Now in Vienna there's ten pretty women
There's a shoulder where Death comes to cry
There's... [read poem]
who by fire
And who by fire,
who by water,
who in the sunshine,
who in the night time,
who b... [read poem]
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