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Edward Dickinson Blodgett
Edward Dickinson Blodgett (26 February 1935 ?) won the Governor General's Award for poetry in 1996 for his collection Apostrophes: Woman at a Piano. Born in Philadelphia and educated at Rutgers University, E. D. Blodgett emigrated to Canada in 1966 to work as a literature professor at the University of Alberta. In 1999, Jacques Brault won the Governor-General's Award for Translation for 'Transfiguration (1998) , a translation of Blodgett's poetry. On July 1, 2007 E.D. Blodgett was appointed the post of Poet Laureate for the City of Edmonton, Alberta.

Where we are, aspects of God are everywhere. They are not seen,
no more than dust upon a chair,... [read poem]
o canada
"That True North." -- Tennyson

O Canada! Our Home and Native Land!
True patriot-lov... [read poem]
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