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Edmund Waller, FRS (March 3, 1606 October 21, 1687) was an English poet and Politician. He was the eldest son of Robert Waller of Coleshill, Herts, and Anne Hampden, his wife; thus he was first cousin to John Hampden. Early in his childhood his father moved the family to Beaconsfield. Of Waller's early education all we know is his own account that he "was bred under several ill, dull and ignorant schoolmasters, until he went to Mr Dobson at Wycombe, who was a good schoolmaster and had been an Eton scholar." Robert Waller died in 1616, and Anne, a lady of rare force of character, sent him to Eton and to the University of Cambridge. He was admitted a fellow-commoner of King's College, Cambridge on March 22, 1620, he left without a degree.

go, lovely rose
Go, lovely Rose-
Tell her that wastes her time and me,
That now she knows,
When I... [read poem]
on a girdle
That which her slender waist confin'd,
Shall now my joyful temples bind;
No monarch but wo... [read poem]
I walk in a garden of roses,
'Twixt lawn and shaven lawn,
And I think of the wild free... [read poem]
meintjes kopje
Meintjes Kopje! Meintjes Kopje!
Do the purple daisies grow
On your rugged slopes in sp... [read poem]
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