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Ernest Howard Crosby
Ernest Howard Crosby (1856-1907) was an American reformer and author, born in New York City. He was educated at New York University and the Columbia Law School. While a member of the State Assembly (1887-89), he introduced three high-license bills, all vetoed by the Governor. From 1889 to 1894 he was judge of the Court of the First Instance at Alexandria, Egypt. He became an exponent of the theories of Count Tolstoy, whom he visited before his return to America; his relations with the great Russian later ripened into intimate friendship, and he devoted himself in America largely to promulgating Tolstoy's ideas of universal peace. His book, Plain Talk in Psalm and Parable (1899), was widely commended by such writers as Björnson, Kropotkin, and Zangwill.

the gold-crested wren
When my hand closed upon thee, worn and spent
With idly dashing on the window-pane,
Or cli... [read poem]
st. augustine and monica
When Monica's young son had felt her kiss --
Her weeping kiss -- for years, her sorrow flowed... [read poem]
letty's globe
When Letty had scarce pass'd her third glad year,
And her young, artless words began to flow,... [read poem]
how he died
So he died for his faith. That is fine.
More than most of us do.
But stay; can you add ... [read poem]
to a friend
My low deserts consist not with applause
So kindly -- when I fain would deem it so,
My sad... [read poem]
the wedding posy
Thanks to thy newly-wedded hand, which gave
These bridal honours to the tomb to-day,
A dau... [read poem]
the mute lovers on the railway journey
They bade farwell; but neither spoke of love.
The railway bore him off with rapid pace,
He... [read poem]
nehemiah's night ride
When Nehemiah rode into the dark,
And stones of ruin cumbered his advance,
And old localit... [read poem]
the oak and the hill
When the storm fell'd our oak, and thou, fair wold,
Wast seen beyond it, we were slow to take... [read poem]
a night-charge against a swan by a lover
The swan, wild-clanging, scoured the midnight lake,
And broke my dream of Annie, and I lay,... [read poem]
millie macgill
I watch'd thy merry gambols on the sand,
And ask'd thy name beside the morning sea;
Sweet ... [read poem]
the landing of king george i of greece at the piraeus
Nature and man should join with one accord
To celebrate this purer second birth
Of royalty... [read poem]
the marble landing
They sunk a graven stone into the ground
Where first our Garibaldi's ship was moor'd,
Wher... [read poem]
the holy emerald
The gem, to which the artist did entrust
That Face which now outshines the Cherubim,
Gave ... [read poem]
to a greek girl on the seashore
There are no heathen gods to play the rogue
With wandering maidens, as in olden time;
Whos... [read poem]
to a german lady
We took thee with our English youths and maids
................................................... [read poem]
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