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Eunice de Souza
Eunice De Souza (born 1940) is a contemporary Indian English language poet and novelist. Eunice De Souza was born and grew up in Pune, in a Roman Catholic family originally from Goa. She studied English literature in India and in the United States, which she taught at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, where she was Head of the Department of English until her recent retirement. She has published several volumes of poetry to wide acclaim, and began writing novels with Dangerlok in 2001. Aside from poetry and fiction De Souza has edited numerous anthologies and collections and writes a weekly column for the Mumbai Mirror. She currently lives in Mumbai.

marriages are made
My cousin Elena
is to be married
The formalities
have been completed:
her family... [read poem]
meeting poets
Meeting poets I am disconcerted sometimes
by the colour of their socks
the suspicion of a ... [read poem]
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