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Frances Cornford should not be confused with her husband Francis Cornford. Frances Crofts Cornford (née Darwin; 1886-1960) was an English poet. She was the daughter of the botanist Francis Darwin and Ellen Crofts, born into the Darwin — Wedgwood family. She was a grand-daughter of the British naturalist Charles Darwin. Her elder half-brother was the golf writer Bernard Darwin. Frances Crofts married Francis Cornford; they had 5 children: Christopher, Claire, Helena, Hugh, and the poet John. She wrote poems including The Guitarist Tunes Up: With what attentive courtesy he bent Over his instrument; Not as a lordly conqueror who could Command both wire and wood, But as a man with a loved woman might, Inquiring with delight What slight essential things she had to say Before they started, he and she, to play.

to a fat lady seen from the train
O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
Missing so much and so much?
O fat wh... [read poem]
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