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Francis Grose (17311791), antiquary and lexicographer, of Swiss extraction, was Richmond Herald 175563. He published Antiquities of England and Wales (177387), which was well received, and thereafter, in 1789, set out on an antiquarian tour through Scotland, the fruit of which was Antiquity of Scotland (178991). He afterwards undertook a similar expedition to Ireland, but died suddenly at Dublin. In addition to the works above mentioned he wrote A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue (1785), A Provincial Glossary (1787), a Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons, etc. He was an accomplished draughtsman, and illustrated his works.

To toil all day and lie worn-out at night;
To rise for all the years to slave and sleep,
A... [read poem]
the cry of the dreamer
I am tired of planning and toiling
In the crowded hives of men;
Heart-weary of buildi... [read poem]
poetical epistle to mrs. green
Hoping no offence, my dear Madam Green,
You're surely the strangest gentlewoman that ever was s... [read poem]
the useless ones
Poets should not reason:
Let them sing!
Argument is treason --
Bells should... [read poem]
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