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György Faludy
György Faludy (September 22, 1910, Budapest - September 1, 2006, Budapest), sometimes anglicized as George Faludy, was a Hungarian-Jewish poet, writer and translator. rewritings (as he admitted several times), brought him huge popularity on their initial publication in 1934, and have been since published about forty times. He could have hardly expressed these ideas in any other way in his time. He wrote several volumes of poetry as well, some of which were published in English. – His other outstanding success was My Happy Days in Hell (Pokolbéli víg napjaim), an autobiographical novel first published in 1962 in English translation, which was translated to French and German as well, but did not appear in the original Hungarian until much later.

learn by heart this poem of mine
Learn by heart this poem of mine;
books only last a little time
and this one will be borro... [read poem]
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