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Humfrey Gifford
Poems A Female I by Name For Soldiers Biographical information Given name: Humfrey Family name: Gifford Death date: 1589 Nationality: English Education: Hart Hall, Oxford (B.A.) to 1567 Literary period: Renaissance Occupation: Schoolmaster First RPO edition: 2003

the trash can
this is great, I just wrote two
poems I didn't like.

there is a trash can on this... [read poem]
cape cod
The low sandy beach and the thin scrub pine,
The wide reach of bay and the long sky line,--... [read poem]
a female i by name
A female I by name
Am sister to a brother:
In all the world may not be found
... [read poem]
oh yes
there are worse things than
being alone
but it often takes decades
to realize this... [read poem]
there may be chaos still around the world
There may be chaos still around the world,
This little world that in my thinking lies;
For... [read poem]
to. w. p.

Calm was the sea to which your course you kept,
Oh, how much calmer than all sout... [read poem]
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