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Isa Craig Knox
Isa Craig, born Oct. 17, 1831, in Edinburgh, was largely self-educated in literature. By 1853, she worked at and contributed poems to the newspaper the Scotchman. Her first book, Poems by Isa, came out in 1856. She left Scotland for London in 1857, where she was employed as secretary for the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science. Her most famous poem was an ode on Burns, which won a prize at the Crystal Palace in 1858. Two more books, Poems: An Offering to Lancashire and Duchess Agnes, a Drama, and Other Poems, followed in 1863 and 1864. She left the Association to marry her cousin, John Knox, in 1866. Her final book of poems, Songs of Consolation, was published in 1874, though she had turned by then to write schoolbooks on English history. She died at Brockley, Suffolk, on Dec. 23, 1903. B., T. "Knox, Mrs. Isa." Dictionary of National Biography. Biographical information Given name: Isa Family name: Knox Maiden name: Craig Birth date: 17 October 1831 Death date: 23 December 1903 Nationality: Scottish Family relations father: John Craig husband: John Knox (from May 1866) Language: English Honour: Crystal Palace prize for centenary poem on Burns: 1858 Literary period: Victorian Occupation: Editor Residences Edinburgh: 17 June 1831 London: 1857

INTO the darkness whence they came,
They passed -- their country knoweth none,
They an... [read poem]
'a highly valuable chain of thoughts'
HAD cigarettes no ashes,
And roses ne'er a thorn,
No man would be a funker
Of whi... [read poem]
off my game
'I'M off my game,' the golfer said,
And shook his locks in woe;
'My putter never lays ... [read poem]
a song of life and golf
THE thing they ca' the stimy o't,
I find it ilka where!
Ye 'maist lie deid -- an unco ... [read poem]
the incarnation
Not in cloud and not in thunder,
Filling all the world with wonder,
Came to earth the L... [read poem]
ballade of the girton girl
She has just 'put her gown on' at Girton,
She is learned in Latin and Greek,
But lawn ... [read poem]
the bonnie banks o' loch lomond
THERE's an ending o' the dance, and fair Morag's safe in France,
And the Clans they hae paid th... [read poem]
st. andrews bay
AH, listen through the music, from the shore,
The 'melancholy long-withdrawing roar';
Bene... [read poem]
almæ matres
(St. Andrews, 1862. Oxford, 1865)

ST. ANDREWS by the northern sea,
A ... [read poem]
les roses de sâdi
This morning I vowed I would bring thee my roses,
They were thrust in the band that my bodice e... [read poem]
ballade of the royal game of golf

THERE are laddies will drive ye a ba'
To ... [read poem]
to correspondents
MY postman, though I fear thy tread,
And tremble as thy foot draws nearer,
'Tis not th... [read poem]

If the wild bowler thinks he bowls,
... [read poem]
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