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J. S. Martinez
J. S. Martinez served in the British Honduras Territorial Force in World War I. He dedicated his self-published book of poems, Carribean Jingles, published in Belize about 1926, to Lieutenant-Colonel the Honourable James Cran. The book's introduction expresses Martinez's "wish that these commonplace subjects depicting chiefly occurrences in our community and in our everyday life, may strike a tuneful chord and help to cheer some gloomy soul." Nothing else is known about his life. Biographical information Given name: J. S. Family name: Martinez Floruit: 1914-1926 Nationality: British Honduran

on a wife
My dame and I, full twenty years,
Liv'd man and wife together;
I could no longer keep her ... [read poem]
circumstances alter cases
W'en dere's heap o' trouble 'round you,
An' de worl' seem glum an' drear,
An' yo's mighty ... [read poem]
on one munday, who hanged himself
Sacred be the Sabbath, fie on filthy pelf;
Tuesday begins the week, Munday hath hang'd himself.
odes: book 1, verse 11
Stop these efforts to learn - knowing is banned - what will be my, and
final god-gi... [read poem]
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