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John Arthur Phillips
Carole Gerson (Canadian Poetry From the Beginnings Through the First World War [Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1994]: 112) notes that Phillips emigrated from Liverpool to Canada in 1865 and worked as a journalist, rising to the position of President, Ottawa Press Gallery, by 1896. Biographical information Given name: John Arthur Family name: Phillips Birth date: 1842 Death date: 1907

the wife
Living, I had no might
To make you hear,
Now, in the inmost night,
I am so near
... [read poem]
I shall not go with pain
Whether you hold me, whether you forget
My little loss and my imm... [read poem]
the factory girl
She wasn't the least bit pretty,
And only the least bit gay;
And she walked with a firm el... [read poem]
the lamp of poor souls
Above my head the shields are stained with rust,
The wind has taken his spoil, the moth his par... [read poem]
daisy time
See, the grass is full of stars,
Fallen in their brightness;
Hearts they have of shining g... [read poem]
a saxon epitaph
The earth builds on the earth
Castles and towers;
The earth saith of the earth:... [read poem]
marching men
Under the level winter sky
I saw a thousand Christs go by.
They sang an idle song and free... [read poem]
Now in the West the slender moon lies low,
And now Orion glimmers through the trees,
Clear... [read poem]
I chose the place where I would rest
When death should come to claim me,
With the red-rose... [read poem]
Give me a few more hours to pass
With the mellow flower of the elm-bough falling,
And then... [read poem]
I am the ancient one, the many-handed,
The merciful am I.
Here where the black pine bends ... [read poem]
I gave my thoughts a golden peach,
A silver citron tree;
They clustered dumbly out of reac... [read poem]
I have not walked on common ground,
Nor drunk of earthly streams;
A shining figure, mailed... [read poem]
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