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John Duncombe
For the Church of England Clergyman and writer, see John Duncombe (17291786) Sir John Duncombe (1622 - 1687) was the Chancellor of the Exchequer from 22 November 1672 - 2 May 1676.

the grey squirrel
Like a small grey
sits the squirrel.
He is not

all he should b... [read poem]
the physical conscience
The moral conscience -- court of last appeal --
Our word of God -- our Heaven-sent light and... [read poem]
a promise
Should'st thou, in grip of dread disease,
Foresee the day when thou must die,
With ... [read poem]
a wife's protest
Like a white snowdrop in the spring
From child to girl I grew,
And thought no thought,... [read poem]
Through jewelled windows in the walls
The tempered daylight smiles,
And solemn music ... [read poem]
an evening contemplation in a college
The Curfew tolls the hour of closing gates,
With jarring sound the porter turns the key,
T... [read poem]
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