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"Literary is a work very difficult to do" — Julia Ann Moore, the "Sweet Singer of Michigan", born Julia Ann Davis in Plainfield Township, Kent County, Michigan (December 1, 1847–June 5, 1920), was an American poet, or more precisely, poetaster. Like Scotland's William Topaz McGonagall, she is famed chiefly for writing notoriously bad poetry. Young Julia grew up on her family's Michigan farm, the eldest of four children. When she was ten, her mother became infirm, and Julia assumed many of her mother's responsibilities. Her formal education was thereby limited, and she never read the "great poets". In her mid-teens, she started writing poetry and songs, mostly in response to the death of children she knew, but any newspaper account of disaster could inspire her. At age 17, she married Frederick Franklin Moore, a farmer. Julia ran a small store, and over the years, bore ten children, of whom six survived to adulthood. She continued to write poetry and songs.

grand rapids cricket club
In Grand Rapids is a handsome club,
Of men that cricket play,
As fine a set of skillf... [read poem]
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