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Katherine Mansfield.Katherine Mansfield (14 October 1888 – 9 January 1923) was a prominent New Zealand modernist writer of short fiction. Mansfield was born Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp into a socially prominent family in Wellington, New Zealand. The daughter of a banker and born to a middle-class colonial family, she was also a first cousin of author Countess Elizabeth von Arnim. Mansfield had a lonely and alienated childhood. Her first published stories appeared in the High School Reporter and the Wellington Girls' High School magazine, in 1898 and 1899. She moved to London in 1902, where she attended Queen's College, London. A talented cellist, she was not at first attracted to literature, and after finishing her schooling in England, she returned to her New Zealand home in 1906. It was upon her return to New Zealand that Kathleen Beauchamp began writing short stories. Weary of the provincial New Zealand lifestyle, Beauchamp returned to London two years later in 1908. On her return to London in 1908, she quickly fell into the bohemian/bisexual way of life lived by many artists and writers of that era.[1] With little money, she met, married and left her first husband, George Bowden, all within just three weeks. Around this time, she became pregnant by a family friend from New Zealand (Garnet Trowell, a professional violinist) and her mother sent her to Bavaria.

the bronco that would not be broken
A little colt -- bronco, loaned to the farm
To be broken in time without fury or harm,
Yet... [read poem]
the santa fe trail
(A Humoresque)

I asked the old Negro, "What is that bird that sings so well?"
He ans... [read poem]
These be two
Country women.
What a size!
Great big arms
And round red faces;... [read poem]

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