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Lady Mary Chudleigh
Lady Mary Chudleigh (August 1656, Devon 1710) was part of an intellectual circle that included Mary Astell, Elizabeth Thomas, Judith Drake, Elizabeth Elstob, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, and John Norris.In her later years, she published a book of poetry and two books of essays, all dealing with feminist themes; two of her books went through four editions during the last ten years of her life. Her poetry about human relationships and reactions has been antholigized ever since, and her feminist essays are still being reprinted. Mary, the daughter of Richard Lee, was born in August of 1656, in Winslade in the county of Devon, England. While she, like most women of her time, received little in the way of formal education, she read widely and educated herself in theology, science, and philosophy. She married Sir George Chudleigh of Ashton, also in Devon. Her biographers argue as to whether their marriage was happy; her references to marriage as a trap that was psychologically stifling for women suggest that she may have had personal experience with an overbearing husband,but on the other hand, he did allow her to publish several feminist works during his lifetime, and her previously-unpublished work was saved carefully by the family after her death. They had at least three children: Eliza Maria, George (later the next Sir George), Thomas, and possibly others.

to the ladies
WIFE and servant are the same,
But only differ in the name :
For when that fatal knot is t... [read poem]
the ghost: book iii
Horrid, unwieldly, without form,
Savage, as ocean in a storm,
Of size prodigious, in the r... [read poem]
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