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Laurence Binyon
Robert Laurence Binyon (August 10, 1869 at Lancaster March 10, 1943 at Reading, Berkshire) was an English poet, dramatist and art scholar. His most famous work For the Fallen is well known for being used in Remembrance Sunday services. The son of Quakers, Binyon was educated at St Paul's School and Trinity College, Oxford. He was already writing poetry by 1891, and won the Newdigate Prize for one poem whilst still at Oxford. After graduation, from 1893 he worked at the Department of Printed Books in the British Museum. In 1904 he married fellow historian Cicely Margaret Powell, and the couple had three daughters. He later moved to the Museum's Department of Prints and Drawings, becoming the Assistant Keeper of Prints and Drawings in 1909. In 1913 he was made the Keeper of the new Sub-Department of Oriental Prints and Drawings. Many of his books produced while at the Museum were influenced by his sensibilities as a poet, although some are works of plain scholarship - such as his four-volume catalogue of all the Museum's English drawings.

for the fallen
With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.... [read poem]
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