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Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910), better known by the pen name Mark Twain, was an American humorist, satirist, lecturer and writer. Twain is most noted for his novels Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which has since been called the Great American Novel, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. He is also known for his quotations.During his lifetime, Twain became a friend to presidents, artists, leading industrialists and European royalty. Twain enjoyed immense public popularity, and his keen wit and incisive satire earned him praise from both critics and peers. American author William Faulkner called Twain "the father of American literature." Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri, on November 30, 1835 to a Tennessee country merchant, John Marshall Clemens (August 11, 1798–March 24, 1847), and Jane Lampton Clemens (June 18, 1803–October 27, 1890). He was the sixth of seven children. Only three of his siblings survived childhood: his brothers Orion (July 17, 1825–December 11, 1897) and Henry (July 13, 1838–June 21, 1858) and his sister Pamela (September 19, 1827–August 31, 1904). His sister Margaret (May 31, 1830–August 17, 1839) died when Twain was four years old, and his brother Benjamin (June 8, 1832–May 12, 1842) died three years later. Another brother, Pleasant (1828–1829), died at the age of six months. When Twain was four, his family moved to Hannibal,[8] a port town on the Mississippi River that would serve as the inspiration for the fictional town of St. Petersburg in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. At that time, Missouri was a slave state in the Union, and young Twain became familiar with the institution of slavery, a theme he later explored in his writing.

ode to stephen dowling bots, dec'd.
And did young Stephen sicken,
And did young Stephen die?
And did the sad hearts thicke... [read poem]
ode to stephen dowling bots, dec'd
And did young Stephen sicken,
And did young Stephen die?
And did the sad hearts thicken,... [read poem]
Knight-errant of the Never-ending Quest,
And Minstrel of the Unfulfilled Desire;
F... [read poem]
the statue of sherman by st. gaudens
This is the soldier brave enough to tell
The glory-dazzled world that `war is hell':
Lover... [read poem]
brave world
But what about the courage
of the cancer cell
that breaks out from the crowd
it has b... [read poem]
hymn of joy
echoes from the greek anthology
With two bright eyes, my star, my love,
Thou lookest on the stars above:
Ah, would that I ... [read poem]
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