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Mary Monck
Given name: Mary Family name: Monck Maiden name: Molesworth Birth date: ca. 1678 Death date: 1715 Nationality: Irish Family relations father: Robert Molesworth mother: Letitia Molesworth husband: George Monck Languages English Italian Latin Spanish Literary period: Augustan Residences Bath to 1715 Dublin

gone are the days
Impossible to call a lamb a lambkin
or say eftsoons or spell you ladye.
My shining armour ... [read poem]
verses wrote on her death-bed at bath, to her husband, in london
THOU, who dost all my worldly thoughts employ,
Thou pleasing source of all my earthly joy :... [read poem]
there was was a girl of lahore
There once was a girl of Lahore,
The same shape behind as before;
As no one knew where... [read poem]
I look across the table and think
(fiery with love)
Ask me, go on, ask me
to do somet... [read poem]
Frogs sit more solid
than anything sits. In mid-leap they are
parachutists falling
in... [read poem]
I would not wish thee other than thou art;
I love thee, love, so well in every part,
T... [read poem]
there once was an old man of lyme
There once was an old man of Lyme
Who married three wives at a time,
When asked, "Why ... [read poem]
there was a young lady named laura
There was a young lady named Laura,
Who went to the wilds of Angora,
She came back on ... [read poem]
of you
When the little devil, panic,
begins to grin and jump about
in my heart, in my brain, in m... [read poem]
there once was an old monk of basing
There once was an old monk of Basing,
Whose salads were something amazing;
But he told... [read poem]
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