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I would not wish thee other than thou art;
I love thee, love, so well in every part,
    That had I power to change thee
        In form or face or mind,
        I could not find
    The heart to re-arrange thee.

For we were made to suit each other, sweet,
Apart, uneven, but when join'd, complete,
    With powers and failings matching
        In each as strictly well
        As in some shell
    The sharp teeth interlatching.

And so I would not have thee change, for fear
The valves might ope and gape a little, dear.
    But we are like the weather
        A-changing every day,
        And so I pray
    That we may change together --

Change like twin shells, that nothing can estrange,
But ever changing never feel a change:
    So grow for one another
        That each may aye present
        The complement
    That doth fulfil the other.