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Mary Webb
Mary Webb (March 25, 1881 – October 8, 1927), was an English romantic novelist of the early 20th century, whose novels are set chiefly in the Shropshire countryside and among Shropshire characters and people which she knew and loved well. She was born Gladys Mary Meredith in the Shropshire village of Leighton, 13 km southeast of Shrewsbury. Her father was a schoolteacher, who inspired his daughter with his own love of literature and the local countryside. On her mother's side she was descended from a family related to Sir Walter Scott. Mary loved to explore the countryside around her home, and developed a gift of detailed observation and description, of both people and places, which infuses her poetry and prose.

the marshes of glynn
Glooms of the live-oaks, beautiful-braided and woven
With intricate shades of the vines that my... [read poem]
Virocon -- Virocon --
Still the ancient name rings on
And brings, in the untrampled wheat,... [read poem]
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