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Norman Rowland Gale
Norman Gale (1862 - 7 October 1942) was a poet, story-teller and reviewer, who published many books over a period of nearly fifty years. His best-known poem is probably The Country Faith, which is in the Oxford Book of English Verse. A Country Muse (2 vols), 1892 Orchard Songs, 1893 A June Romance, 1894 All Expenses Paid, 1895 Cricket Songs, 1894 Songs for Little People, 1896 (ed.) Poems by John Clare, 1901 Barty's Star, 1903 More Cricket Songs, 1905 A Book of Quatrains, 1909 Song in September, 1912 Solitude, 1913 Collected Poems, 1914 The Candid Cuckoo, 1918 A Merry-go-Round of Song, 1919 Verse in Bloom, 1925 A Flight of Fancies, 1926 Messrs Bat and Ball, 1930 Close of Play, 1936 Remembrances, 1937 Love-in-a-Mist, 1939

You voluble,
Vehement fellows
That play on your
Flying and
Musical ... [read poem]
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