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Paul Edwin Zimmer (16 October 1943-18 October 1997), the brother of science fiction and fantasy author Marion Zimmer Bradley, was a noted poet and an established author in his own right. He was also an accomplished swordsman who studied both eastern and western schools of the martial art and brought much of this knowledge to the books he wrote. He is best known for his Dark Border series - a set of 4 published books: The Lost Prince, "King Chondos' Ride, A Gathering of Heroes, Ingulf the Mad and one still awaiting publication, The King who was of Old. He also co-wrote The Blood of Colyn Muir with his foster brother Don Studebaker (who writes fantasy under the name of Jon de Cles) and Hunters of the Red Moon and The Survivors with his sister. He is also supposed to have collaborated with Bradley without credit on The Spell Sword and is rumored to have assisted his sister in the fight scenes in some of her other Darkover novels. Some of his poetry available in the collection "A Woman of the Elf Mounds". His long poem "Logan" appeared in Jerry Pournelle's There Will Be War vol VIII. The poem is about a 19th Century First Nations leader, so it did not fit into the anthology's theme about future warefare, but Pournelle included it out of respect for its merits.

the great bird of love
I want to become a great night bird
Called The Zimmer, grow intricate gears
And tendons, b... [read poem]
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