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Peter Neville Frederick Porter (born 16 February 1929) is an Australian-born British poet. He was a regular participant in the weekly meetings of The Group. Porter was born in Brisbane, Australia in 1929. His mother died in 1938. He emigrated to England in 1951, and in 1955 he began attending meetings of "The Group." He met Shirley Jannice Henry in 1958 and they married in 1961. They had two daughters born in 1962 and 1965. Jannice committed suicide in 1974. In 1991 Porter married Christine Berg. In 2001 he was Poet in Residence at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2004 he was one of the nominees for the prestigious position of Professor of Poetry at Oxford University.

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In his winged collar
he flew. The nation wanted
peace. Our Perseus!

Wil... [read poem]
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