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    In his winged collar
he flew. The nation wanted
    peace. Our Perseus!

    William Blake, William
Blake, William Blake, William Blake,
    say it and feel new!

    Love without sex is
still the most efficient form
    of hell known to man.

    A professional
is one who believes he has
    invented breathing.

    The Creation had
to find room for the exper-
    imental novel.

    When daffodils be-
gin to peer: watch out, para-
    noia's round the bend.

    I get out of bed
and say goodbye to people
    I won't meet again.

    I sit and worry
about money who very
    soon will have to die.

    I consider it
my duty to be old hat
    so you can hate me.

    I am getting fat
and unattractive but so
    much nicer to know.

    Somewhere at the heart
of the universe sounds the
    true mystic note: Me.