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Phoebe CaryPhoebe Cary (September 4, 1824 - July 31, 1871) with her older sister Alice Cary co-published poems in 1849. They lived on the Clovernook farm in North College Hill, Ohio. The sisters were raised in a Universalist household, their political and religious views were liberal and reformist. The sisters went to live in New York. Afterwards Phoebe published three volumes on her own without her sister. Her burial was in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

"the day is done"
The day is done, and darkness
From the wing of night is loosed,
As a feather is wafted... [read poem]
the shadow of night

Fall, Hercules, from heaven, in tempests hurl'd,
And cleanse this beastly st... [read poem]
shakesperian readings - 3
My father had a daughter got a man,
As it might be, perhaps, were I good-looking,
I should... [read poem]
the sixth book of homer's iliads

To this great Hector sai... [read poem]
the seventeenth book of homer's odysseys
Such speech they chang'd; when in the yard there lay
A dog, call'd Argus, which, befor... [read poem]
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