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Phyllis Gotlieb
Phyllis Fay Gotlieb, ne Bloom (born May 26, 1926) is a Canadian science fiction novelist and poet. Her novel A Judgement of Dragons won the Aurora Award for Best Novel in 1982. She is married to Calvin Gotlieb, a computer science professor, and lives in Toronto, Ontario.

here lies poor nick
Here lies poor Nick, an honest creature,
Of faithful, gentle, courteous nature;
A parlour ... [read poem]
The slow clock whorls of snails
mark time here; such calendars
patterned earlier dark ooze... [read poem]
recipe for a salad
To make this condiment your poet begs
The pounded yellow of two hard-boil'd eggs;
Two boil... [read poem]
my dear g.
My dear G.,
The pain in my knee
Would not suffer me
To drink your bohea.
I can l... [read poem]
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