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Ronald Stuart Thomas
Ronald Stuart Thomas (29 March, 1913 – 25 September, 2000) (published as R. S. Thomas) was a Welsh poet and Anglican clergyman, noted for his nationalism, spirituality and deep dislike of the anglicisation of Wales. He was the best known Welsh poet of his day. In 1955, John Betjeman, in his introduction to the first collection of Thomas’s poetry to be produced by a major publisher, Song at the Year's Turning, predicted that Thomas would be remembered long after Betjeman himself was forgotten. Kingsley Amis, in 1956 said of Thomas’s work that it "reduces most modern verse to footling whimsy." On the other hand, Philip Larkin in letters referred to him as "Arsewipe Thomas." Professor M. Wynn Thomas said: "He was the Alexander Solzhenitsyn of Wales because he was such a troubler of the Welsh conscience. He was one of the major English language and European poets of the 20th century."

song at the year's turning
Shelley dreamed it. Now the dream decays.
The props crumble; the familiar ways
Are stale w... [read poem]
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