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We don't get any too much light;
    It's pretty noisy, too, at that;
The folks next door stay up all night;
    There's but one closet in the flat;
The rent we pay is far from low;
    Our flat is small and in the rear;
But we have looked around, and so
    We think we'll stay another year.

Our dining-room is pretty dark;
    Our kitchen's hot and very small;
The "view" we get of Central Park
    We really do not get at all.
The ceiling cracks and crumbles down
    Upon me while I'm working here --
But, after combing all the town,
    We think we'll stay another year.

We are not "handy" to the sub;
    Our hall-boy service is a joke;
Our janitor's a foreign dub
    Who never does a thing but smoke;
Our landlord says he will not cut
    A cent from rent already dear;
And so we sought for better -- but
   We think we'll stay another year.