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Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt
Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt (born outside of Lexington, Kentucky, 11 August 1836 - died in Caldwell, New Jersey, 22 December 1919) was an American poet from . During her career as a poet, she published some 450 poems across fifteen volumes and in leading periodicals of the day. Her husband, John James Piatt, was also a poet, as well as a federal government employee, eventually serving as an American Consul in Ireland.

that leaf
That leaf tries very hard to turn over
in very little wind. It lifts a corner
and settles ... [read poem]
the spell
The job in certain lives has been to find A
way to live with feeling -- for just to B... [read poem]
good girl
Hold up the universe, good girl. Hold up
the tent that is the sky of your world at which
y... [read poem]
What if we got outside ourselves and there
really was an outside out there, not just
our i... [read poem]
the lull
The possum lay on the tracks fully dead.
I'm the kind of person who stops to look.
It was ... [read poem]
i must have learned this somewhere
I loved an old doll made of bleached
wooden beads strung into a stick figure.
When the str... [read poem]
my god why are you crying?
When someone cries, after making love spills
a pail of tears inside, it is the ache
of yea... [read poem]
good-bye hello in the east village 1993
Three tables down from Allen Ginsberg we sit
in JJ's Russian Restaurant. My old friend,
wh... [read poem]
an after-poem
You will read, or you will not read,
That the lilies are whitest after they wither;
Th... [read poem]
What awful thing will I take on
because you've asked? I can't say no.
Too hard to ask? It'... [read poem]
have you ever faked an orgasm?
When you get nervous, it's so hard not to.
When you're expected to come in something
other... [read poem]
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