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Terence Alan Patrick Sean Milligan KBE (16 April 191827 February 2002), known as Spike Milligan, was an Irish comedian, writer, musician, poet and playwright. He played the piano, trumpet, guitar and saxophone and was the creator, the principal writer and a performing member of The Goon Show. Milligan was born in Ahmednagar, India, on 16 April 1918, to an Irish born father who was serving in the British Indian Army. He spent most of his childhood in Rangoon (Yangon), capital of Burma. Though he lived most of his life in England and served in the British Army, he was refused a British passport in 1960. This was partly because he had been born outside Britain to an Irish father, Leo Milligan (of Sligo, Ireland), but also because he refused to take the oath of allegiance, despite advice from Prince Charles.Milligan took Irish citizenship instead.[citation needed] He continued to live and work in the United Kingdom.

chard whitlow
(Mr. Eliot's Sunday Evening Postscript)

As we get older we do not get any younger.
S... [read poem]
Elephants are contagious!
Be careful how you tread.
An Elephant that's been trodden on... [read poem]
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