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Susan Lillian "Sue" Townsend (born April 2, 1946) is the author of the Adrian Mole series of books. She has suffered from diabetes for many years as a result of which she was registered blind in 2001. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole was reputedly based on her children's experiences at Mary Linwood Comprehensive School in Leicester. Several of the teachers who appear in the book (such as Mr. Dock and Miss Fossington-Gore) are based on actual staff who worked at the school in the early 1980s. When the book was televised, it was mostly filmed at a different school nearby. Mary Linwood Comprehensive was closed in 1997. Sue went to Glen Hills Primary school where the school secretary was named 'Mrs Claricotes' - as is the school secretary in the books. She then went to South Wigston High School. Sue has four children: Sean, Daniel, Victoria and Elizabeth. At the time of writing the first Mole book, Sue Townsend was living on the Saffron Lane Estate, a stone's-throw away from the house in which Joe Orton was brought up.

mrs. thatcher
Do you weep, Mrs Thatcher, do you weep?
Do you wake, Mrs Thatcher, in your sleep?
Do you w... [read poem]
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