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The Venerable Bede
'The Venerable Bede translates John' J. D. Penrose (ca. 1902) Doctor of the Church Bornca. 672 or 673, Wearside or Tyneside, County Durham Died25 May 735, Jarrow, County Durham Venerated inRoman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion, Lutheran Church Canonized1899 recognised as Doctor of the Church, Rome by Pope Leo XIII Major shrineDurham Cathedral, County Durham. Feast25 May PatronageEnglish writers and historians; Jarrow Saints Portal Bede (also Saint Bede, the Venerable Bede, or (from Latin) Beda (IPA: [beda])), (c. 672 or 673 May 25, 735), was a Benedictine monk at the Northumbrian monastery of Saint Peter at Monkwearmouth, today part of Sunderland, and of its companion monastery, Saint Paul's, in modern Jarrow (see Wearmouth-Jarrow), both in the English county of Durham (now Tyne and Wear). He is well known as an author and scholar, and his most famous work, Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum (The Ecclesiastical History of the English People) gained him the title "The father of English history".

bede's death song
Fore there neidfaerae naenig uuiurthit
thoncsnotturra than him tharf sie
to y... [read poem]
warty bliggens the toad
i met a toad
the other day by the name
of warty bliggens
he was sitting under
a ... [read poem]
certain maxims of archy
many a man spanks his
children for
things his own
father should have
spanked out... [read poem]
the lesson of the moth
i was talking to a moth
the other evening
he was trying to break into
an electric lig... [read poem]
"the return to nature"
IT was the south : mid-everything,
Mid-land, mid-summer, noon ;
And deep within a limp... [read poem]
pity the poor spiders
i have just been reading
an advertisement of a certain
roach exterminator
the human r... [read poem]
aesop revised by archy
a wolf met a spring
lamb drinking
at a stream
and said to her
you are the lamb... [read poem]
archy interviews a pharoh
boss i went
and interviewed the mummy
of the egyptian pharoh
in the metropolitan muse... [read poem]
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