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Thomas Sackville, earl of Dorset
Thomas Sackville, 1st Earl of Dorset (1536 – April 19, 1608) was an English statesman and poet, son of Richard Sackville. He was a Member of Parliament and Lord High Treasurer. His houses, Knole House, at Knole in Kent, and Michelham Priory are celebrated. He had just been installed as Grand Master Mason at York on St John's Day, 27th December 1561 when an armed force arrived from The Queen, who had heard that the Masons had secrets which would not be revealed to her. Undismayed, Sackville took the opportunity to convince them that Freemasonry was “the most useful system ever founded on divine and moral laws” and initiated the senior officers; so that when the Queen received their report she “esteemed freemasons as men that cultivated peace and friendship, arts and sciences, and never again sought to dislodge them”. He was author, with Thomas Norton, of the play Gorboduc (1562). He was created Baron Buckhurst, of Buckhurst in the County of Sussex, in 1567, and Earl of Dorset in 1604. He succeeded William Cecil, Lord Burghley as Lord Treasurer in 1599, and was a capable, if uninspired, financial manager. He died in 1608.

THE Government--I heard about the Government and
I went out to find... [read poem]
the mirror for magistrates: the induction
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I AM the people -- the mob--the crowd--the mass.
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on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over ... [read poem]
THE single clenched fist lifted and ready,
Or the open asking hand held... [read poem]
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Whereby men take hold of it
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You took little chi... [read poem]
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