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Thomas William Hodgson Crosland
Thomas William Hodgson Crosland was born in Leeds on July 21, 1865. He was among the most acerbic men of letters and journalists of his lifetime. An anti-Scottish Tory and Monarchist, a Methodist, Crosland earned his living as a Fleet Street reviewer, critic, and editor for journals like The Outlook, The Academy, and the Penny Illustrated Paper. A close friend of Lord Alfred Douglas, Crosland was notorious for his bitter attack on the Oscar Wilde who wrote De Profundis. His poems, in volumes such as Sonnets (1912), War Poems by X (1916), and Collected Poems (1917), reveal sympathy for the downtrodden, the English soldier, and the sick. A sufferer from diabetes and heart ailments for much of his middle age, he died on December 23, 1924, and was buried in the Finchley and St Mary-le-Bone Cemetery, London. He was survived by his wife Annie Moore and one son, John. Brown, W. Sorley. The Life and Genius of T. W. H. Crosland. London: Cecil Palmer, 1928. PR 4518 C686Z6 1928 Robarts Library Crosland, T. W. H. The Absent-minded Mule, and other Occasional Verses. London: the Sign of the Unicorn, 1899. end C768 A28 1899 Fisher Rare Book Library --. The Collected Poems of T.W.H. Crosland. London: M. Secker, 1917. PR 4518 .C686A17 Robarts Library --. The Finer Spirit, and other Poems. London: the Sign of the Unicorn, 1900. end C768 F557 1900 --. Last Poems. London: Fortune Press, 1928. end C768 A155 1928 Fisher Rare Book Library --. Outlook Odes. London: the Sign of the Unicorn, 1902. end C768 O88 1902 Fisher Rare Book Library --. Sonnets. London: J. Richmond, 1912. end C768 A155 1912 Fisher Rare Book Library --. War Poems, by "X". London: M. Secker [1916]. PR 4518 .C686W3 1916 Robarts Library Biographical information Given name: Thomas William Hodgson Family name: Crosland Birth date: 21 July 1865 Death date: 23 December 1924 Nationality: English Religion: Methodist Politics: Tory Occupation: Journalist Residence: 7 Mitcham Street, Marylebone, London to 1924 Buried at: Finchley and St Mary-le-Bone Cemetery, London

my mom and dad
My mom and my dad are not what they seem.
Their dull appearance is part of their scheme.
I... [read poem]
the reaper
Tell me whither, maiden June,
Down the dusky slope of noon
With thy sickle of a moon
... [read poem]
the stranger
He entered, but the mask he wore
Concealed his face from me.
Still, something I had seen b... [read poem]
the baby in the ward
We were all sore and broken and keen on sleep,
Tumours and hearts and dropsies, there we lay,... [read poem]
I loved her countenance whereon,
Despite the longest day,
The tenderness of visions g... [read poem]
an idolator
The Baby has no skies
But Mother's eyes,
Nor any God above
But Mother's Lov... [read poem]
I go not to the grave to weep,
But to my heart, wherein I keep
A hidden manna that hath fe... [read poem]
the united states to the filipinos
We come to give you liberty
To do whate'er we choose,
Or clean extermination
If you venture to refuse.
The epitaph of night
The sunbeams write;
The epitaph of day,
The shadows gray;
O... [read poem]
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