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Jones, William R.. “Brown, Thomas (bap. 1663, d. 1704).” Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Ed. H. C. G. Matthew and Brian Harrison. Oxford: OUP, 2004. Biographical information Given name: Tom Family name: Brown Birth date: ca. 1663 Death date: 16 June 1704 Nationality: English Education Newport grammar school Christ Church, Oxford to 20 March 1684 Occupation: Schoolmaster Residences London Newport, Shropshire Buried at: East Cloister, Westminster Abbey

to the dead in the graveyard underneath my window
How can you lie so still? All day I watch
And never a blade of all the green sod moves
To ... [read poem]
the properly scholarly attitude
The poet pursues his beautiful theme;
The preacher his golden beatitude;
And I run afte... [read poem]
i do not love thee, dr fell
I do not love thee, Dr Fell,
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full ... [read poem]
doctor fell
Doctor Fell
I do not love thee, Doctor Fell.
The reason why, I cannot tell;
But this ... [read poem]
the lonely death
In the cold I will rise, I will bathe
In waters of ice; myself
Will shiver, and shrive mys... [read poem]
I know
Not these my hands
And yet I think there was
A woman like me once had hands
Like these.
Well and
If day on day
Follows, and weary year
On year. . and ever days and years. .
These be
Three silent things:
The falling snow. . the hour
Before the dawn. . the mouth of one
Just dead.
grain field
Scarlet the poppies
Blue the corn-flowers,
Golden the wheat.
Gold for The Eternal:... [read poem]
With swift
Great sweep of her
Magnificent arm my pain
Clanged back the doors that shut my soul
From life.
How frail
Above the bulk
Of crashing water hangs,
Autumnal, evanescent, wan,
The moon.
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