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After training in Egypt, Tom Skeyhill fought as a regimental signaller of the second (Victorian) Infantry Brigade of the Australian armed forces at Gallipoli from April 25, 1915, to May 8, when a shell explosion blinded him during an advance at Cape Helles. He was hospitalized at Al-Hayat, Helouin, Egypt, and then at the Base Hospital in Melbourne. Biographical information Given name: Tom Family name: Skeyhill Floruit: 1915 Nationality: Australian Occupation: Soldier Illness: Blindness: 8 May 1915

unknown country
Here, in this other world, they come and go
With easy dream-like movements to and fro.
The... [read poem]
I was sittin? in me dug-out,
An? was feelin? dinkum good,
Chewin? Queensland bully... [read poem]
Dull and hard the low wind creaks
Among the rustling pampas plumes.
Drearily the year cons... [read poem]
milk for the cat
When the tea is brought at five o’clock,
And all the neat curtains are drawn with care,
... [read poem]
the earth for sale

How perilous life will become on earth
When the great breed of man has covered al... [read poem]
bitter sanctuary

She lives in the porter’s room; the plush is nicotined.
Clients have left their... [read poem]

The train! The twelve o’clock for paradise.
Hurry, or it will try to creep aw... [read poem]
midnight lamentation
When you and I go down
Breathless and cold,
Our faces both worn back
To earthly mould... [read poem]
aspidistra street
Go along that road, and look at sorrow.
Every window grumbles.
All day long the drizzle fi... [read poem]
lovers in a london shadow
You two, who woo, take record of to-night;
(This corner, that arc-light):
For you may neve... [read poem]
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