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Will H. Ogilvie
William Henry Ogilvie (1869–1963) was a Scottish-Australian narrative poet and horseman. He was born near Kelso, Borders, Scotland and arrived in Australia in 1889. Ogilvie had a deep love of horses and riding and he naturally became interested in the outback. Before long he became an expert station hand, drover and horse breaker, working on such stations as Belalie on the Warrego, and Maoupe in South Australia. He was described as a quiet-spoken Scot of medium height, with a fair moustache and red complexion. He wrote lyrical and romantic poetry noted for its balladic style, with expressive descriptions of outback life and characters. Will, as he was known, also wrote a great deal of work on English and Scottish themes and his work has been included in collections of English and Scottish poetry. All of his work was originally published in and he is most closely associated with Australia.

where the brumbies come to water
There’s a lonely grave half hidden where the blue-grass droops above,
And the slab is rough t... [read poem]
on monsieur's departure
I grieve and dare not show my discontent,
I love and yet am forced to seem to hate,
I do, ... [read poem]
how to get riches

In Things of moment, on thy self depend,
Nor trust t... [read poem]
x mon. december [1744] hath xxxi days.
This World’s an Inn, all Travellers are we;
And this World’s Goods th’Accommodations be.... [read poem]
iii mon. may [1734] hath xxxi days.
Wedlock, as old Men note, hath likened been,
Unto a publick Crowd or common Rout;
Where th... [read poem]
xii mon. february [1746] hath xxviii days.
Man’s rich with little, were his Judgment true,
Nature is frugal, and her Wants are few;... [read poem]
vi mon. august [1742] hath xxxi days.
The Busy-Man’s Picture
BUSINESS, thou Plague and Pleasure of my... [read poem]
december. [1757] xii month.
Would you be well receiv’d where’er you go,
Remember each Man vanquish’d is a Foe:
R... [read poem]
xi mon. january [1736] hath xxxi days.
Some have learnt many Tricks of sly Evasion,
Instead of Truth they use Equivocation,
And e... [read poem]
v mon. july [1747] hath xxxi days.
Men drop so fast, ere Life’s mid Stage we tread,
Few know so many Friends alive as ... [read poem]
may. [1748] iii month.
Read much; the Mind, which never can be still,
If not intent on Good, is prone to Ill.
And... [read poem]
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