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Poems To Daughter Ann, New Year's Day, 1567 Biographical information Given name: William Family name: Cecil Honorific: first Baron Burghley Birth date: ca. 18 September 1520 Death date: 4 August 1598 Nationality: English Languages French Italian Latin Greek Spanish Education: St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A.): 1535 Religion: Anglican Occupation: Statesman: 1550 to 1598 Residences Stamford, Lincolnshire: 1520 Theobalds, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire: 1569 Illness: Gout Buried at: St Martin's Church, Stamford Baron, Lincolnshire

queen of hearts
Hers, from childhood the bitter pain of tears
Dreamed a peep-shy wedding to a Prince
Her o... [read poem]
flight into reality
Dedicated to the memory of my best friend Georgina, (1942-74)
and to her husband Alex Burns and... [read poem]
the sea change
Lost in the crenellations of the sea wave
A shell, a limpet, hugs the graining sand
Passiv... [read poem]
the puzzle factory
1. Admission


I want to see someone holy, to confess
The natur... [read poem]
no tea party
The lid is rising on the kettle's song,
Likewise my energy wastes itself in air,
Don't cal... [read poem]
there is nothing like a dame
There may be nothing like me, but I assure you
the world would have gone to hell but for organi... [read poem]
to daughter ann, new year's day, 1567
As years do grow, so cares increase,
And time will move to look to thrift.
These years in ... [read poem]
the humours of the seminarian's house
Not in our fall, O Lord, but in Your grace
Is living done each day instead of dying;
A por... [read poem]
a prayer for yeats's son
Once more the mob is howling and half hid
Under the cupola of the dustbin lid
My child scr... [read poem]
beauty's helicon
I've had practice with sleeping with those who do not please me,
I've had oceans of despair in ... [read poem]
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