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William Cullen Bryant
William Cullen Bryant (November 3, 1794 - June 12, 1878) an American romantic poet, journalist, political adviser, and homeopath. Bryant was born in Cummington, Massachusetts the second son of Peter Bryant, a doctor and later a state legislator, and Sarah Snell. The William Cullen Bryant Homestead, his boyhood home and museum. His maternal ancestry traces back to passengers on the Mayflower; his father's, to colonists who arrived about a dozen years later. After just one year at Williams College, Worthington and Bridgewater in Massachusetts. He was admitted to the bar in 1815. Bryant had developed an interest in poetry early in life. Under his father's tutelage, he had emulated Alexander Pope and other Neo-Classic British poets. The Embargo, a savage attack on President Thomas Jefferson published in 1808, reflected Dr. Bryant's attitude toward (United States)|Federalist]] political views. The first edition quickly sold out—partly because of the publicity earned by the poet's young age—and a second, expanded edition, which included Bryant's translation of Classical verse, was printed. The youth wrote little poetry while preparing to enter Williams College as a sophomore, but upon leaving Williams after a single year and then beginning to read law, he regenerated his passion for poetry through encounter with the English pre-Romantics and, particularly, William Wordsworth.

To him who in the love of Nature holds
Communion with her visible forms, she speaks
A vari... [read poem]
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