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William Johnson Cory
William Johnson Cory (1823 - 1892, born William Johnson) was an educator and poet, born at Torrington, and educated at Eton, where he was afterwards a renowned master, nicknamed Tute (short for "tutor") by his pupils. He was a brilliant writer of Latin verse. His chief poetical work is Ionica, a collection including homoerotic and pederastic poems in which he showed a true lyrical gift. Considered an exemplary school teacher, he strove to educate boys who might become future leaders, and numbered among his former students members of Parliament, cabinet ministers and several prime ministers. Despite his pedagogical talent he was forced to resign his position, under suspicion of improper relations with one of the boys.

a vote

This only grant me: that my means may lie
Too low for envy, for contempt too ... [read poem]
They told me, Heraclitus, they told me you were dead,
They brought me bitter news to hear and b... [read poem]
the given heart
I wonder what those lovers mean, who say
They have giv'n their hearts away.
Some g... [read poem]
to the royal society
Philosophy the great and only heir
Of all that human knowledge which has bin
Unforfeited b... [read poem]
my sweet, crushed angel
You have not danced so badly, my dear,
Trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One.

... [read poem]
the wish
Well then; I now do plainly see
This busy world and I shall ne'er agree.
The very honey of... [read poem]
I sing the man who Judah's sceptre bore
In that right hand which held the crook before;
Wh... [read poem]
on the death of mr. crashaw
Poet and Saint! to thee alone are given
The two most sacred names of earth and heaven,
The... [read poem]
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