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Poems Willie Winkie Biographical information Given name: William Family name: Miller Birth date: 1810 Death date: 1872 Nationality: Scottish Literary period: Victorian

Da Vinci and the man on the bed stare
at each other through the dark air of
death watch. T... [read poem]
as i was walking down the street
as I was walking down the street
who should I meet but my two feet
I said... [read poem]
first person demonstrative
I'd rather
heave half a brick than say
I love you, though I do
I'd rather
crawl ... [read poem]
willie winkie
rins through the toon,
Up stairs an d... [read poem]
ordinary, moving
is the name of the game
laughing, talking where the ball bounces
in the forgotten s... [read poem]
so long it's been
Fibonacci found the significance of
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ...,
they explai... [read poem]
I'm learning to say thank you.
And I'm learning to say please.
And I'm learning to use Kle... [read poem]
red black white
blood ink paper have been my life I bore
children in a slush of blood
dreamed in a scratch... [read poem]
thirty-six ways of looking at toronto ontario
the stacked plane circles, I
see my house, its angled street,
east, north, west, south,... [read poem]
seventh seal
Gauntface or madshadow tell
me what the world is? I know
years at the Sat. Mat.
Injun... [read poem]
a discourse
the skeleton's the most articu-
late thing there is except
about Who made him. It's not... [read poem]
death's head
at 3 a.m. I run my tongue
around my teeth (take in a breath)
(give out a breath) take one ... [read poem]
what i know (making free with villon's smalltalk )
I know how to ring down a chime of dimes
in a dime slot if you can find me a dime slot,
I ... [read poem]
a catful of buttermilk
it 's a bird, it 's a plane, it 's a
pain in the neck, it 's a thorn
in t... [read poem]
a double vision
Goggling with weak-muscled and diplopic eyes
at the round oracle of my spectacular world
I... [read poem]
Mercator a map
maker a shaper
of great currents of
continents on paper

se... [read poem]
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