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Winthrop Mackworth Praed
Winthrop Mackworth Praed (28 July 1802 15 July 1839) was an English politician and poet. He was born in London. The family name of Praed was derived from the marriage of the poet's great-grandfather to a Cornish heiress. Winthrop's father, William Mackworth Praed, was a serjeant-at-law. His mother belonged to the English branch of the New England family of Winthrop. In 1814 Praed was sent to Eton College, where he founded a manuscript periodical called Apis matina. This was succeeded in October 1820 by the Etonian, a paper projected and edited by Praed and Walter Blount, which appeared every month until July 1821, when the chief editor, who signed his contributions "Peregrine Courtenay," left Eton, and the paper died. Henry Nelson Coleridge, William Sidney Walker, and John Moultrie were the three best known of his collaborators on this periodical, which was published by Charles Knight, and of which details are given in Knight's Autobiography and in Maxwell Lyte's Eton College.

a simile
Dear Thomas, didst thou never pop
Thy head into a tin-man's shop?
There, Thomas, didst tho... [read poem]
to a child of quality, five years old, the author suppos'd forty
Lords, knights, and squires, the num'rous band,
That wear the fair Miss Mary's fetters,... [read poem]
to a lady, she refusing to continue a dispute with me, and leaving me in the argument: an ode
Spare, gen'rous victor, spare the slave,
Who did unequal war pursue;
That more than tr... [read poem]
everyday characters i: the vicar
Some years ago, ere time and taste
Had turned our parish topsy-turvy,
When Darnel Park... [read poem]
to chloe jealous
Dear Chloe, how blubber'd is that pretty face;
Thy cheek all on fire, and thy hair all uncu... [read poem]
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