Poems and Poets

For 11 months we've been gathering and classifying poems. What started as a project to provide a free space for aspiring writers of poetry that would offer a poetry background as well, was gradually consumed by the latter. This collection of more than 9000 poems is finally ready. Representing almost 600 poets we tried to provide both amusement for the non writer visitors while giving visitors who have a knack for poetry-writing a chance to maybe find some guidance and inspiration (without leaving amusement aside of course).

Now the "famous poets" corner is complete but that was the easy part - though it took some time-. What we are aiming for is the unknown poetry writer. Some never before seen material, completely original. We are not here to judge it or assign a value to it in any way. Let the rest of the visitors tell you their opinion, exchange thoughts, whatever you can think of in terms of poetry, this is your space to do so.

So, If you write poetry and wish to be published on this site, simply send us a message. As easy as that.

We appreciate the help that we received from the code-guys that created some of the Dreamweaver extensions that we used in this project. They have very good tools for fast and quality web development.

And if you would like to help spread your poems - or any of the poems from our listings -, simply place a link from your website or blog to the desired poem, no permission needed.

So Welcome and thank you for sharing your writings with us!

And enjoy the current collection!

Poets, A - B

There are many ways to classify poetry, and we chose the most unpoetical: the poets are listed in alphabetical order.

» Poets, A - B

Poets, C -D

 There is poetry in everything, and everything is in poetry. This collection has more than 9000 poems. Which one speaks to your heart?

» Poets, C -D

Poets, E - F

Leave the prose to newspapers - and enter the world of poetry. You will never want to leave.

» Poets, E - F

Poets, G - I

Read a poem - the best way to start a day.

» Poets, G - I

Poets, J

Poetry is addictive...but don't consume in moderation! Enjoy world's most beautiful poems.

» Poets, J

Poets, K, L, M, N, O, P

Here's a tip: next time you send a postcard, be creative: include a poem by your favourite poet.

» Poets, K, L, M, N, O, P

Poets Q - S

Classics, romantics, victorians, pre-raphaelites, georgians, surrealists, expressionists, ...they are all here.

» Poets Q - S

Poets, T - Z

World's greatest poets from different countries and different centuries are listed here. 17th century's William Shakespeare meets 20th century's Walt Whitman.

» Poets, T - Z